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How To Apply HBL Personal Loan Online – HBL Personal Loan Calculator

Dear Friend, if you are from Pakistan and Apply HBL Personal Loan Online Then  you are in the right place. As you are known that the very important three things in our lives and those things are food, clothes, and a house to live in. Our life converts so toughly without these three important things. We must get these three things and we get these items from money. Yes, friends if we got money then we can purchase these things. That’s because we work difficult to gain money. We want that we should have money so that we can fulfill all the needs of our life and can live our life happily. But after struggling that hard we could not earn much money that we can satisfy our all necessities. Doesn’t mean how much money we earn but a time arrives in our lives when we need money essentially but we don’t hold money. We get very puzzled in this position and in that situation we got only one option for money and that is getting a personal loan but we don’t have sufficient knowledge about taking the loan. But dear friends now you don’t have to trouble about that matter. Because today we are going to tell you that how can you take a loan from HBL Bank remaining at your home without moving anywhere else. The article about which we are going to talk about is HBL Personal Loan.

hbl personal loan

In today’s article, we are going to understand that how can we apply for an HBL Personal Loan online, which deeds would be needed for applying for a loan, what is the occupation rate of the HBL Personal Loan, what is the interest rate of HBL Personal Loan. All these things we are going to know in this article. So let’s begin our today’s article without any more stay.

How Much Personal Loan Amount We Will Get From HBL?

We can get personal loan between PKR 25,000 to PKR 3,000,000 from Habib Bank Limited.

What is the Tenure Rate Of HBL Personal Loan?

We will get the Repayment tenure time ranging from 12 to 60 months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant should be a Pakistani citizen.
  • A salaried person whose salary is being credited to the HBL account.
  • Candidate should be 21 years or more at the time of loan application and 60 years or less at the time of loan maturity.

HBL Personal Loan Calculator

There are many way to calculate  HBL personal  loan one main way are given as follows.

HBL Personal loan Through Mobile App

You can get an immediate HBL Personal Loan by logging on to the HBL Mobile App. Habib Bank Limited is now serving a quick and trouble-free personal loan via the HBL Mobile App. There are some Steps That are Given as Follows.

  1. After log in click at the option “HBL Personal Loan” . Now you can APPLY for it
  2. You will be informed for initiation of evaluation.
  3. You will get a confirmation SMS on your registered number and you will get a notification for choice of loan amount on Mobile App.
  4. List of Loans will be displayed on HBL Mobile App .Choose your preferred loan.
  5. Assess and confirm the details of  preferred loan.
  6. You must submit  e-Declaration to confirm that you have not gotten any loan for last three months
  7. After accepting the “Terms and Conditions” , loan will be directly credited into your account.
  8. CONGRATULATION! will be displayed.


  • Easy – You can avail loan through fast and simple steps​.
  • Service – You get a loan through the HBL Mobile App while staying at home.
  • Paper-free – You don’t need to fill forms, submit papers or go through the time taking verification process​

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