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Hello Friends, we cannot deny that money makes our lives so much easier. Because money can be used to buy almost anything, it makes our lives so much easier. Everyone desires money. Everyone wants to have more money so that they can live luxuriously and comfortable lives. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to earn money these days. Both the importance of money as well as inflation are increasing rapidly. Even if we work hard, it is impossible to make a lot of money. There are times when we need money but don’t have the money. This is a very frustrating condition. Friends, you don’t need to worry about money because today, I will share an article to resolve your money problems. NBP personal loans are available. For example, you may have been considering a significant investment or possibly a trip that would bring you and your family great joy. Personal loans can deliver your desires to a certainty. Your loan approval is typically within 24 hours. This is the NBP personal loan we will be discussing today. This article will explain how to apply for NBP personal loan. It will also tell what will be the amount you get from NBP as a personal loan. What is the ‘s interest rate of a personal loan? And what is the tenure of the personal loan? This article will cover all these details. Let’s get started.

NBP personal loan

How Much Loan Amount We Can Get From NBP personal loan?

we can get up to 20 net home salary, but not more than PKR 3,000,000/- From NBP personal loan.

What Is The Tenure Rate Of NBP personal loan?

The adjustable tenure of up to 5 Years and monthly payments can be quickly collected by debiting your Salary Account with NBP.

NBP Installment calculator

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant should be Pakistani.
  • Only those candidates are eligible who are NBP Account Holders.
  • Continual Workers of Federal / Provincial / Semi-Government & Autonomous Groups having the pays through NBP.
  • Those persons are also eligible who have no source of income, or any other guarantee & security charges are demanded.
  • Finance will start from age at maturity, and it should not exceed the age of 60 years and six months.
  • Only those person are eligible can repay the loan within or up to 60 Months at your choice.

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How To Apply For NBP personal loan?

  • The form would be available in English or Urdu and require minimal information. It has a simple format.
  • Fill up the application form. The form will be available at that site.
  • This form is available in the branch and on the bank’s dedicated website OR Click here for application from NBP Official Website.
  • The processing time for the application will not exceed 15 business days. This is simply described in the form.
  • The non-refundable processing fee for forms will be charged 100 (One Hundred).
  • After the approval of a personal loan, now you can fulfil your desires with this money.


  • No minimum income, security & warranty charges are demanded.
  • Immediate processing and fast payment will be done.
  • Lowest Mark-up Rate is set during loan approval.

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