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How to apply Bank Alfalah Personal Loan Online- Alfalah Personal loan Calculator

Dear friends, it is a reality that we all go through some sort of dark phase in our life. We get stuck in a situation when no one is ready to help us financially or morally. All the relatives and the friends turn their faces from our side. This situation is very dangerous because when a human being is left alone with all his difficulties, sorrows, depression, and most importantly with an empty pocket. It may lead a person to disappointment. Don’t worry, Personal Loans are the only way a person looks to get out of that stuff. In this situation of great disappointment, Bank Alfalah is the only source of light in the darkness. Bank Alfalah is one of the banks in Pakistan which offer Personal Loans without any security or assurance. If you are a salaried citizen of Pakistan, so you are offered Alfalah Personal Loan easily without any long-term process or any security or assurance or collateral requirement. Today’s topic of discussion is that how to apply for Alfalah Personal loan Online, what is the eligibility criteria for Alfalah Personal Loan, how much amount a person can get through a personal loan, which documents are needed to apply for Alfalah Personal Loan, etc. So You are going to know all about the Alfalah Personal Loan. Without any more delay, let us get into the Personal Loan details:

Alfalah Personal Loan

Amount Offered in Alfalah Personal Loan

We can get a personal loan from PKR. 50,000 up to PKR. 2 Million from Bank Alfalah.

What is the Tenure Rate Of Alfalah Personal Loan?

We will get a Tenure Rate varying from 1 Year to 5 Years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicants must be Pakistani nationals or Foreign nationals with Approved companies letters.
  • Candidate should be a Salaried Individual, Retired Individuals, Self Employed Businessmen or Professional and others ( Landlords and Housewives ).
  • The age limit for salaried individuals is 21 years to 60 years.
  • The age limit for self-employed professionals and businessmen is 21 years to 65 years.
  • The candidate’s income should range from PKR. 30,000/- to PKR. 100,000/-.

Alfalah Personal Loan Calculator

There are many way to calculate Alfalah personal  loan but simple method is:

Documents Needed

  • Complete application form with signatures.
  • 6 Months Bank Statement (If wanted)
  • Photocopy of CNIC
  • For Salaried Individuals – Salary Slip/Salary Certificate
  • For Self-employed businessmen and Self-employed professionals – Any appropriate Proof of Business Documents (Tax returns, NTN, Bank Certificate).

Benefits of Alfalah Personal Loan

1. Trouble free handling  with smallest documentation

2. Inexpensive markup rates

3. Incomplete prepayment option.

  • You can lower your payments by making an incomplete prepayment of the leading principal.
  • A maximum of 1 partial payment is allowed in a year (a year is equal to 12 payments from the date of expense). Each incomplete instalment cannot be larger than a whole of 6 instalments.

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4. Loan top-ups/improvements for more investment

  • You can top up the loan amount based on updated income and reparation or repayment records.

5. Multiple compensation options

  • Direct Debit
  • Non-Checking Account
  • Cross Cheque
  • online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Cash Instalment at Alfalah branches
  • ATM

6. Many income sources approved for larger loan limits

  • You can club more than one origin of income to avail a bigger loan limit.
  • A peak of 2 suitable secondary sources/businesses are allowed.

7. Remainder transfer ability for excellent personal loans and credit cards

8. Extraordinary Interests and Least Documentation for living Bank Alfalah account holders and consumers

Apply For Personal Loan Online

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