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How to apply for Bank of India Personal Loan

Friends say that money is everything, but you cannot do anything without money. If you have money, you can do anything and do a lot of work that you can do. You know that in today’s time, everyone needs money. Everyone has money. But friends, there is a time in our life when we need money very much. If we had no money, then we would have no idea what to do now. We go to borrow money from someone, but even the person in front of us convinces us he has no money. Then wonder if but we can’t find such amount of money that we need. We are completely disappointed because we have not received any money from anywhere. Still, friends, now you do not need to be disappointed because today I am please tell you how to borrow money from the Bank of India. Now that you are wondering what it will be like let me tell you how to get an Bank of India. Friends, today we will tell you how to apply for an Bank of India. What will be the loan amount you will get. How much time will you get to repay it? So let’s start, friends.

Bank of India Personal Loan

How Much Loan Amount We Can Get From Bank of India Personal Loan?

Bank of India grants loans starting at PKR. 10,000 and up to PKR. 10 lakh. The amount of a loan given to a person will depend on which candidate category.

What Is the Tenure Rate Of Bank of India?

The repayment term of a Bank of India (BoI) personal loan can be manageable. However, it varies from 12 to 60 months and can be determined by the borrower according to their repayment capacity.

What Is the interest rate of personal loan?

The following are the interest rate of various types of personal loans offered by Bank of India Personal Loan:

  • Star Personal Loan: interest rate is 10.85% onwards.
  • Star Mirta Personal Loan: interest rate is 8.65% onwards.
  • BOI Star Pensioner Loan Scheme: interest rate is 9.35% onwards.
  • BOI Star Doctor- Plus: interest rate is 9.85% onwards.
  • Star Holiday Loan Scheme: interest rate is 12.35% onwards.

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Eligibility criteria

         1.BOI Star Personal Loan

  • The Bank of India Star Personal Loan is granted to
    Salaried employees
  • Professionals and individuals with a high gain deserving
  • Regular pensioners have an account on BOI or in any BOI branch to credit their pension
  • Retired BoI employees (other than those rejected/forcibly retired)                                                                            2.Star Mitra Personal Loan
  • All individuals who have health issues, either salaried or self-employed individuals can avail of this loan.

         3.BOI Star Pensioner Loan Scheme

This pension loan from BoI is available to the next groups of individuals:

  • Regular or family pensioners carrying monthly pension through the branch or retired employees (other than suspended/forcibly retired) are qualified for this loan.
  • The maximum age of a regular pensioner/family pensioner at the end of the repayment period should be 75 years.
    4.BOI Star Doctor- Plus
    The following are the main points for the Doctor-Plus personal loan from BoI:
  • It would help if you were a fitted certified medical practitioner with min. Three years of knowledge in a branch of medicine identified by DCI/MCI/other statutory/regulatory professionals to practice in India.
  • It would help if you were at least 25 years old, and your maximum age at the time of completing repayment should be 75 years.
    5.Star Holiday Loan Scheme 
    The holiday loan could be the plan from the Bank of India:
  • Salaried worker
  • Self-employed individuals and professionals
  • People with a high net worth
  • Farmers
  • Pensioners
  • BoI Staff members

How To Apply For Bank of India?

The following are the key steps to apply for a personal loan from the Bank of India website.

Step 1.Fill out the online application form at the Bank of India to start your loan application. Once you’re done, click on “Continue.”

Step 2.You will be redirected to the next page showing offers from various lenders arranged according to the chances of permission.

Step 3. Select the Bank of India loan offer (if applicable)

Step 4.Next, fill out another online form to request further information for your loan application to be sent to the lender.


The documents needed to apply for a Bank of India will differ depending on the type of personal loan. However, some essential documents needed to avail of this loan are as follows:

  • ID proof: Passport, PAN and Voter Identity Card. Driving License.
  • Residence proof: Ration Card, Bank Account Statement, Passport, Driving License, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Sale Deed/Property purchase agreement, Aadhaar, etc.
  • Salary proof: Bank Account Statement, Salary Slips etc.


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  • Documentation
  • Rapid permission of your
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